Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The end of this semester has been insane. I've been running everywhere trying to get my finals and last projects done. I ended up working straight through one night, not getting any sleep at all. You'd think I wouldn't have time for a girlfriend but I have. Sarah is so amazing, instead of being a distraction she has been a great support during this time. She has fed me and assisted me wherever possible. She even made me my own cheesecake with raspberry topping! I am so lucky. Anyways, the semester is almost done! I'm excited for the Christmas break. After this I only have one more semester and I'm done. The following is a picture of Sarah and I at one of the dances. We did the waltz, cha-cha, and swing!


Autumn said...

How FUN!!! The dancing that is, not all the finals and projects. Congrates with almost being done with school. We hope you have a great Christmas break, tell the family hi.
Tyson, Autumn and the boys

Melissa and Stephen said...

Alright Garebear! Stephen and I rootin for ya!

carlytai said...

Where have you been Cousin! I have missed you! Gary she seems so wonderful! I can't wait to meet her!